15 Türkiye-based Hotels Awarded Globally

The World Luxury Hotel Awards is a global organization providing luxury hotels recognition for their world class facilities and excellent service offered to their guests. In a year like 2020, probably the most challenging year that global tourism industry ever faced, Türkiye has achieved great success by winning 15 awards.

One of the world’s most advanced countries in service industry, Türkiye with its natural and historical beauty, unique experiences, sophisticated and comfortable accommodation facilities, continues to be the favorite of travelers. Given by tourism professionals and voted by more than 300,000 international travelers every year, World Luxury Hotel Awards met their winners for the 14th time this year. Over 300,000 international travelers vote each year, during a four-week period to determine the winner. Hotels can be voted best in the country or region, best in the continent and best in the world. Fourteen hotels from Türkiye received a total of 15 awards in different categories.

A Dazzling Tourist Destination which puts the safety of its visitors first: Türkiye

As a celebrated global destination, Türkiye continues to be an award-winning country in 2020 for its rich culture, history, nature, hospitality, delicious cuisine, collection of elegant hotels, and some of the world’s best spas and beaches. With its world-renowned popular tourist destination with its captivating blend of historic and contemporary offerings from the East and West, Türkiye has visitors all across the world and international organizations holding luxury events in Türkiye are increasing every year. 

Due to the global pandemic, in June 2020 Türkiye has launched ‘Safe Tourism Program’ to ensure the safety of tourists. One of the first of its kind, Safe Tourism Program’ is implemented in various areas including transportation and accommodation, in order to provide a safe travel experience. All the hotels in Türkiye must meet several strict criteria in order to become certified. It is mandatory for all the hotels with a capacity of 50 rooms and above. Since the launch of the program, Turkish government certified almost 2,476 accommodation and transportation facilities.

About Türkiye

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea and being the crossroads of Asian and European continents, which are separated by the famous Bosphorus, Türkiye is a unique destination that welcomed more than 50 million tourists last year. The country that has always been a hub for cultural interaction and home to multiple climates inspires the visitors today with its history, nature, and gastronomy that reflect the diversity of civilizations for centuries lived on these lands. Throughout centuries habiting different cultures, create a distinctive understanding of art & fashion which is the synthesis of tradition and modernity. It’s extremely dynamic shopping & entertainment life also attracts visitors from all over the world. Türkiye implemented “Safe Tourism Program” for the 2020 tourism season. The program that has been rapidly adopted by the key players in the industry, defines a series of measures that must be taken across a vast range of related bodies including food & beverage, transportation and accommodation establishments to ensure the health and well-being of facility personnel and guests, both local and foreign.

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