Inspiring some of the world’s oldest legends and witnesses to important historical events, Çanakkale presents history buffs with an unforgettable journey through time at the Troy Museum, featuring unique historical artefacts and digital exhibitions.

Çanakkale, the pearl of the North Aegean and a distinctive travel paradise, offers its visitors countless experiences. In addition to sea-sand-sun holidays, water sports, camping, cycling and wine routes, Çanakkale is also home to the award-winning Troy Museum.

Çanakkale, inspiring some of the world’s oldest legends and witness to important historical events, hosts the Troy Museum. At the Museum, visitors can see historical artefacts dating from thousands of years of history to the present, enabling us to learn about the past.

Set at the entrance of the Ancient City of Troy, the Troy Museum is an award-winning institution that has won accolades for its simple but impressive architecture, as well as its collection and exhibition concepts.

The Troy Museum brings Çanakkale to the forefront as a culture and art route…

Located in Çanakkale’s Tevfikiye village and included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1998 as one of the most important ancient cities in the world, the Ancient City of Troy features nine layers and three thousand years of uninterrupted history.

The unique treasures of Troy, a destination for local and foreign archaeologists and historians seeking to follow the traces of history and bring them to light, have turned Çanakkale into a complete ‘culture and art route’ with the declaration of 2018 as the Year of Troy and the subsequent launch of the Troy Museum.

A journey to the past with impressive displays in a modern structure

The Museum, covering an area of 90 thousand m², brings the magic of Troy to life. The treasures of the ancient city, described as a setting for heroism, epic romance and civilization, are showcased in a three-level structure where artefacts from archaeological excavations are presented in a remarkable museology approach.

All details have been considered to facilitate and enrich the visitor experience at the Museum. A circulation band at the entrance of the museum offers visitors a brief orientation on the exhibitions before entering the exhibition areas. Ramps offer access to the exhibition spaces, where terms, diagrams, drawings and texts are explained via interactive methods. The stories in the museum, modelled in 3D, add unparalleled depth to the presentations.

You will always remember your experience at the Troy Museum…

Stepping into the Museum, visitors are greeted by The Iliad, by Homer, one of the first poets of history. Passages from the Trojan War epic are presented in six languages and continue with seven titles that examine the history of the ancient city respectively.

These sections, titled “Archaeology of the Troas Region,” “The Bronze Age of Troy,” “The Iliad and the Trojan War,” “Troas and Ilion in Antiquity,” “The Eastern Roman and Ottoman Periods,” “The History of Archaeology and the Traces of Troy” feature unique artefacts from the ancient city of Troy. The Museum, displaying various artefacts such as sculptures, sarcophagi, inscriptions, altars, milestones, terracotta ceramics, metal vessels, gold, weapons, coins, and ornaments, is considered one of the most important contemporary archaeological museums in the world.

Awarded the “2020 European Museum of the Year Special Appreciation Award”, the “2020/2021 European Museum Academy Special Award” and the “Special Mention Award” at 8 Museums, in Short, this extraordinary museum invites history-loving travellers to Çanakkale to discover the magic of Troy.