Gelibolu Historical Underwater Park Opens For Diving

Following the opening of the Gelibolu Historical Underwater Park on the historical Gelibolu Peninsula, Çanakkale is set to become one of the world’s leading diving destinations.

Attracting thousands of local and foreign tourists due to its historical significance and natural beauties, Çanakkale is now set to become a leading dive destination. Managed by the Gelibolu Historical Area Directorate, which is working to turn Gallipoli into an open-air museum, the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park has been opened for diving.

The launch of the Gelibolu Historic Underwater Park was held on Saturday, 2 October, at Seddülbahir Castle, with the participation of Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan. Çanakkale is expected to quickly emerge as an international diving destination, featuring unique marine fauna and flora, as well as historically integrated diving spots, including shipwrecks.

Offering a mild climate and sea temperatures that allow diving throughout the year, Türkiye’s Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions are attractive diving destinations with interesting  marine flora and fauna; in particular, the Eastern Mediterranean Region presents certain well protected coastal areas. Türkiye, among the world’s most important countries in terms of marine archaeological value, also holds great potential with regard to underwater sunken wealth. In addition to Türkiye hosting the world’s first scientific underwater excavation, the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum is the most important underwater museum worldwide, indicating the value given to this area.

The breadth and variety of Türkiye’s underwater sites and marine life offer divers an unparalleled experience. Approximately 3,000 plant and animal species exist along Türkiye’s 8,500 km coastline, a unique natural habitat.

In the Gallipoli Historical Underwater Park, where Tekke Bay (W Beach) shipwrecks, Arıburnu barges, Small Bone barges, Arıburnu Lash Ship, Lundy shipwreck, HMS Louis, S.S Milo and Tuzla shipwrecks can be seen; Located at a depth of 10 meters in Akbaş Bay, the Submarine Mania Network, which stopped dozens of submarines during the Çanakkale Wars, draws attention as a unique historical beauty that underwater photographers must see.