Make Room For Good New Memories in Türkiye in 2021

Türkiye invites its guests to try endless options that will leave good marks in their memories. Located in a unique geography where Europe meets Asia, Türkiye offers its visitors exceptional vacations full of beautiful memories with its unparalleled natural beauties and comfortable facilities scattered across the country. Everything about entertainment, recreation and tranquility is ubiquitous only in Türkiye… Decide what to experience and where will be the only worry of the visitors of Türkiye in 2021. 

No summer in Türkiye without Mediterranean and Aegean regions… These regions attract visitors with a vacation options from adventure and discovery to recreation and gastronomy. You can have a road trip stopping by pleasant villages and calm bays extending along the route of Bodrum, Fethiye, Göcek, Marmarais, and Antalya the favorite travel destinations of the British in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, where you will lose track of time. These holiday destinations of the region also charm those who seek cultural satisfaction with their archaeological richness.

You can rent bikes to ride along these paths where green meets blue, seizing the opportunity to exercise in the meantime. You can also charter a boat at the marina and cruise the world’s most beautiful sea. You can visit restaurants that accessible by boat only, enjoying tranquility and serenity like nothing you have ever experienced. 

You can climb on top of Babadağ in Fethiye, Muğla, which was one of the most popular holiday destinations of British travelers in 2019 and 2020, and paraglide over vast blue sea, and then swim in the unique waters of Ölüdeniz or rest on its beach after you enjoy its spectacular scenery in bird’s eye view. 

If you are after a different experience, you can try kite surfing against the great view and wind of Akyaka around Muğla, enjoying the calmness of the village life throughout the day and at night. Those who want a holiday rather on the adventure and exploration side can take part in rafting tours and explore caves in Antalya, and dive for sunken city ruins in Kaş, a diving center of Türkiye that is a few hours of drive from the central district of Antalya. Antalya also offers its visitors an extreme experience. While ever-warm waters of Antalya allow swimming even in winter, the mountains of the city serve as a skiing destination. If you visit the area in winter, you can ski in the morning and enjoy the excellent waters of Antalya in the afternoon. 

If you are interested in resting more and purifying your body and soul, there are a lot of hotels with spa, wellness and healthy food amenities along the coastline. Giving visitors the opportunity to listen to their inner self, these facilities offer a comfortable vacation away from noise and speed. You can paddleboard on still waters or use the board to do yoga on the sea alone with the nature, feeling the most profound inner peace. 


About Türkiye

Located in the Mediterranean and connecting Asia and Europe continents that are separated by the famous Bosphorus, Türkiye is a unique destination that welcomed more than 50 million tourists last year. The country that has always been a hub for cultural interaction and home to varying climates inspires the visitors today with its history, nature, and gastronomy that reflect the diversity of civilizations for centuries. Located at the crossroads of cultures, Türkiye has a distinctive understanding of art & fashion which is the synthesis of tradition and modernity and its extremely dynamic shopping & entertainment life also attracts visitors from all over the world. Türkiye implemented “Safe Tourism Program” for the 2020 tourism season. The program that has been rapidly adopted by the key players in the industry,  defines a series of measures that must be taken across a vast range of related bodies including food & beverage, transportation and accommodation establishments to ensure the health and well-being of facility personnel and guests, both local and foreign.

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