“The Best Mediterranean Cruise Destination” Award Goes to Türkiye

Porthole Cruise Magazine, one of the most prominent cruise travel magazines in the US, has announced the 2020 winners of The Readers’ Choice Awards, which has been traditionally held for 22 years. This year, Türkiye was awarded the “Best Mediterranean Cruise Destination” Award in the Best Destinations category. 

The Mediterranean has the distinction of being the second most visited destination by cruise lines after the Caribbean. Türkiye is home to various travel destinations with unique beauty in the Mediterranean basin. With her sea, nature and history dating back to ancient times Türkiye offers visitors a myriad of wealth at its leading cruise ports: Istanbul-home to three great empires and connector of two continents; Kusadasi- the gate to Ephesus, a sacred and holy place, home to the House of the Virgin Mary; Izmir- Türkiye’s third-largest port city housing many historical treasures; Bodrum- a seashore district on the southern coast of the country with a warm, historical and natural atmosphere; and Antalya, a port city that is a must-see destination to explore the ancient ruins from Lycian civilization, Taurus Mountains featuring a unique geography and Pamphylia…

Türkiye’s best leverage in cruise tourism is the Galataport Istanbul project, which received “The Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Port Showing the Greatest Commitment to the Industry” award from MedCruise… Galataport Istanbul, getting ready to host cruise ships as of spring of 2021,  will be a center of attraction in the Mediterranean with its underground cruise terminal designed and built with a unique hatch system that is a first in the world and by addressing all aspects of life, from gastronomy to art, from new generation shopping to entertainment. 

The fact that a prestigious publication such as Porthole Cruise Magazine chose Türkiye as the best cruise destination in the Mediterranean this year significantly increased expectations in the tourism sector for the period after cruises begin their voyages.

The Fort Lauderdale-based magazine’s winners in 37 cruise and 15 destination categories are determined by the magazine’s loyal readers. Readers make their assessments by voting online on their favorite cruise ships, their favorite on-board amenities, and their favorite cruise hotspots. For 25 years, Porthole Cruise Magazine has been providing its readers, who wish to experience a cruise holiday, information about destinations, gastronomic experiences, health and shopping themed cruises, and the latest travel trends.


About Türkiye

Located in the Mediterranean and connecting Asia and Europe continents that are separated by the famous Bosphorus, Türkiye is a unique destination that welcomed more than 50 million tourists last year. The country that has always been a hub for cultural interaction and home to varying climates inspires the visitors today with its history, nature, and gastronomy that reflect the diversity of civilizations for centuries. Located at the crossroads of cultures, Türkiye has a distinctive understanding of art & fashion which is the synthesis of tradition and modernity and its extremely dynamic shopping & entertainment life also attracts visitors from all over the world. Türkiye implemented “Safe Tourism Program” for the 2020 tourism season. The program that has been rapidly adopted by the key players in the industry, defines a series of measures that must be taken across a vast range of related bodies including food & beverage, transportation and accommodation establishments to ensure the health and well-being of facility personnel and guests, both local and foreign.

For more about Türkiye please visit: www.goturkiye.com