The first of the Türkiye Culture Route Festivals started with Troy Culture Route Festival in Çanakkale

The first of the “Türkiye Culture Route Festivals” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism started in Çanakkale on September 16. Troy Culture Route Festival, which will continue between 16-25 September, will host more than 1000 artists in more than 100 events in more than 40 venues.

The first of the Türkiye Culture Route Festivals, which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has expanded with much more inclusive events in five cities (Çanakkale, İstanbul, Ankara, Konya and Diyarbakır) to contribute to Türkiye’s international brand value, is held in Çanakkale. Carrying the traces of Troy, Lydia, Roman and the Ottoman Empire, Çanakkale, located on the western border of the Republic of Türkiye, will offer ten-day experiences for all Çanakkale residents and anyone who crosses the Bosphorus.

The festival will start with the “Trojans are Coming” march to be held in Çanakkale Kordon on September 16. During the festival, many concerts and symphonies will meet with art lovers in the open-air stages to be set up in Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion, Kilitbahir Castle, Kordon Trojan Horse, Assos Ancient City and Parion Ancient City.

During the festival, open-air stages will be set up in the Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion, Kilitbahir Castle, Kordon Trojan Horse, Assos Ancient City and Parion Ancient City.  The State Opera and Ballet, the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, Allegra Ensamble, Fahir Atakoğlu, Tuluyhan Uğurlu, Cihat Aşkın, Yaprak Sayar, Yüksek Sadakat, Berkay, Göksel, Aydilge, Retrobüs, Dolapdere Big Gang and Shantel are amongst the artists that will take stage here.

The works of 10 artists from different art disciplines from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey are at the Hamidiye Bastion Hangar as part of the international contemporary art project “I Have a Story” curated by Beste Gürsu. The artists involved in the project will work on painting, ceramics, sculpture, and drawing in the workshop established during the event, and artist talks will be held. “A Life Shaped by the Land” exhibition, which tells about the 50-year friendship of Kale Group Founder İbrahim Bodur and ceramic artist Mustafa Tunçalp, at the Anadolu Hamidiye Bastion, and the “Bowl-Castle” exhibition by young ceramic artists Şeyma Balcı and Metin Ertürk by the Independent Art Foundation.

About other Türkiye Culture Route Festivals

Culture route enthusiasm will continue for 23 days in Beyoğlu and Başkent

Both Beyoğlu and Başkent festivals will be held at the same time between October 1-23. More than 6000 artists in 46 different venues will meet with art lovers in more than 1000 events at Beyoğlu Culture Route Festival. AKM, the heart of the festival, will accompany the people of Istanbul on their cultural and artistic journey with all its halls. Başkent Culture Route Festival will also offer an insatiable culture and art environment. More than 500 events will take place with the participation of nearly 5000 artists at 70 different points on a 5.7-kilometer route that includes the Ulus district and its surrounding historical and cultural sites, which has a deep-rooted history as Ankara. Ankara residents and art lovers in the surrounding cities will experience a unique culture and art experience for 23 days, from concerts to exhibitions, from sports competitions to interviews. Göbeklitepe Opera, inspired by Göbeklitepe, which is described as the “zero point of history” with its 12 thousand-year history in Şanlıurfa and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, will meet art lovers from Ankara at the Grand Theatre.