The six most beautiful camping and glamping routes in Türkiye are even more spectacular in the summer!

Surrounded by nature, in harmony with the environment and presenting an updated approach to sustainability… Türkiye has long been celebrated for its striking landscapes, its rich cuisine, and its ancient cities that illuminate history. Now, the country offers visitors a new generation experience for the summer months – various camping and glamping sites amid pristine nature!

Camping and glamping are particularly attractive to travellers seeking an escape from crowds and a relationship with nature while acting with an awareness of responsible travel. Here in Türkiye, the wide variety of camping and glamping sites ensure that both adults and children can enjoy these holidays. For instance, family-friendly campsites feature amenities such as playgrounds for children. Some camping and glamping sites are in locations that have sandy beaches and shallow seas – appealing to every age group! In addition, many camping areas in Türkiye provide water, electricity and dedicated cooking areas.

The six most famous camping and glamping routes in Türkiye are described below: these beautiful areas are ideal for the summer months, near ancient cities and local dining facilities – and amid a nature where lush greens extend into sparkling blues…!

Kabak Bay-Fethiye, Muğla
Kabak Bay, in the heart of the Mediterranean, is a terrific choice for campers who want to experience the sea-sand-sun trio in their tent or glamping area. This serene bay in the Fethiye district of Muğla is a truly spectacular place where green nature stretches into clear turquoise waters. Within its vast nature, Kabak Bay offers hiking trails; in fact, it is one of the stops along the Lycian Way, Türkiye’s long-distance hiking route. Trekking routes take visitors to the most important centres of the Lycian Kingdom and then to Kabak Bay, where they can set up a tent and cool down in the azure waters. In the evenings, lucky campers can witness the delightful dance of fireflies!

Faralya- Fethiye, Muğla
Faralya, Türkiye’s holiday resort famous for its untouched beaches and azure bays, draws attention to glamping centres where luxury and nature intersect. Offering comforts that exceed those of upscale hotels, Faralya has tastefully furnished tents resembling wooden bungalows and restaurants that showcase regional specialities. Ideal for getting away from the crowds, Faralya takes the glamping experience several steps beyond the ordinary. The resort’s private garden and secluded swimming and viewing areas are trendy among honeymooning couples, as are the Jacuzzi tub and massage therapy facilities.

Butterfly Valley-Fethiye, Muğla
Butterfly Valley, named for the more than 80 butterfly species that live in the area, entrances visitors with a natural setting that some say resembles paradise. Campers can pitch a tent in this lush oasis surrounded by steep cliffs of up to 350 meters in height, stay in a glamping area enhanced by the lulling sounds of a waterfall, or enjoy a pristine beach with gently lapping waves. In addition to campsites, accommodation in Butterfly Valley includes nature-friendly bungalows and stone houses. The Valley is near Babadağ, Türkiye’s most famous paragliding route – visitors can add excitement to their stay with a unique experience in the sky and on earth.

Cappadocia, Nevşehir
Spellbinding Cappadocia, dating to the Palaeolithic era, is one of the world’s most exciting landscapes and offers an equally magical camping experience. Known for its enchanting fairy chimneys, mysterious underground cities and local delicacies, this distinctive region is also home to numerous campsites, many of which are near important sites such as the Göreme Open-Air Museum, Aşıklar Valley and the village of Avanos. In Cappadocia, visitors can sleep in their tent while gazing upon fairy chimneys and wake up to hot air balloons floating in the skies. Most of the area’s campsites provide amenities like pools, showers, electricity and cafes, as well as accommodation alternatives such as caravans, trailers and vehicle tents.

Yedigöller National Park, Bolu
Yedigöller National Park, within the borders of the Bolu province and where the lush Black Sea forests surround vast lakes, is an ideal destination for campers seeking untouched nature and a calm atmosphere. Campers can pitch tents on the lakeshore in this park of natural wonders, which is named for its seven lakes. The Park’s vast nature can be explored during nature walks or via bicycles; ATV excursions are offered for rougher terrain. To protect the Park’s flora and fauna, fires are permitted only in designated locations and at certain times; however, a restaurant in the Park offers delicious local fare.

İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park, Kırklareli
İğneada Floodplain Forests National Park hosts one of the largest glamping centres in Türkiye. Rich in biodiversity, the region is home to 670 plant species and 194 bird species. It also features a wide variety of amenities for campers who want to experience nature without sacrificing comfort. Wooden “tents” in the Park combine the joy of camping with the comfort of a hotel. In these cosy structures, most of which have skylights or glass-panelled roofs, guests can enjoy views of the forest sky from comfy beds. In addition to an open-air pool that blends perfectly into the dramatic greens of the floodplain forests, the centre has art workshops, nature activities, and several restaurants with international and Turkish cuisine.