The Turkish Riviera in the Mediterranean welcomes guests to an unforgettable holiday

Highlighting the exceptional holiday opportunities and experiences of the Mediterranean, the “Turkish Riviera” is being promoted around the world with a new advertising campaign. Drawing attention to the unique culture and history of the Mediterranean, as well as the comfortable and unforgettable experiences that luxury resort hotels offer for sea-sand-sun and family holidays, the campaign emphasizes that the Turkish Riviera is the number one holiday destination in the Mediterranean.

The Turkish Riviera, which has been attracting visitors for centuries with its thousand kilometres of dazzling coastline and a mild climate featuring 300 days of sunshine a year, is ideal for summer vacation experiences. This distinctive region, welcoming guests to sea and nature holidays amid pristine Blue Flag beaches, a shining sun throughout the year, and extraordinary nature where lush greens stretch into turquoise, now introduces visitors to brand new opportunities within the concepts of summer and family vacations.

An unmatched summer experience on the Mediterranean’s most beautiful beaches

Set along the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye, in a region of natural wonders extending from Antalya to Antakya, the Turkish Riviera is a must-see destination worldwide. Presenting its visitors with an unforgettable holiday that blends nature and history, the commercial film addresses all aspects of the region and aims to position the Turkish Riviera as a destination focused on people and experience. The advertising campaign, drawing attention to the sea-sand-sun opportunities of the Turkish Riviera with breathtaking images from Kaputaj Beach, Kemer, Manavgat and Kekova, reveals that the region is indispensable for summer holidays in the Mediterranean.

The Turkish Riviera is the centre of the most luxurious and comfortable resort hotels in the Mediterranean

Bringing the Turkish Riviera to the forefront as the address of unforgettable memories collected with loved ones and luxury facilities that provide the comfort you wish for yourself and your family while offering service quality beyond expectations, the film focuses on the intimate possibilities of a region that gives experiences connected with family and friends. The Turkish Riviera, the holiday destination of the world, offers a high standard of comfort, surrounded by beaches and sea stretching from its leading resorts. Featuring a variety of restaurants with both local and international cuisines, golf courses that operate throughout the night, wellness centres, children’s playgrounds and many more amenities, the Turkish Riviera transforms a mere summer holiday into a memorable experience.

The address of historical and cultural experiences in the Mediterranean

The destination offers nearly unlimited options to history and archaeology buffs, as well as to sea-lovers: with a history dating back thousands of years, the extraordinary cultural heritage of the Turkish Riviera is highlighted in the commercial.

Emphasizing the region’s deep-rooted past – dating to prehistory with the Ancient City of Side – the film offers a fascinating look at the Temple of Apollo and the Side Ancient Theatre, both located in the dazzling monument. The Ancient Cities of Patara, Aspendos and Sagalassos are among those centres that reveal the vast historical heritage of the Turkish Riviera. Located 200 kilometres from the Antalya city centre and a leading city of the Lycian Empire, Patara is where Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, lived. The Saint Nicholas Church in Patara is a significant monument of Eastern Roman art history and the most outstanding example of the Middle East Roman Period with its architectural style and decorations. Aspendos, located 45 kilometres east of Antalya, is home to the best-preserved Roman Period theatre in Anatolia and the entire Mediterranean world. Sagalassos, in the Ağlasun district of Burdur, is the world’s highest-altitude ancient city, with a theatre that seats nine thousand people. Sagalassos, the most important city of the Roman Imperial Period in the Pisidia region, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2009.

An unforgettable culinary adventure with the fresh products of the Mediterranean

Besides tourism, Türkiye’s Mediterranean coast is also renowned for its agricultural production and the products it exports to many countries. Emphasizing sustainability, the new commercial also draws attention to gastronomy in the Turkish Riviera and how the freshest products brought from the farm to the table are transformed into delicious meals by famous chefs. Bringing its visitors with their families and loved ones at tables offering the best of Turkish cuisine, the Turkish Riviera also provides a memorable culinary adventure, with its luxury restaurants and hotels furnishing different options from world cuisines.