Türkiye To Promote Culinary Heritage In Turkish Heritage In Turkish Cuisine Week

Türkiye is ready to kick off Turkish Cuisine Week! The world-leading tourism destination will present Turkish cuisine with a focus on its healthy, creative, waste free and sustainable characteristics to the world in a series of events set to take place from 21 to 27 May. Aiming to showcase Türkiye’s culinary heritage to a wide range of audiences, Turkish Cuisine Week will feature presentations by the country’s leading chefs and menus created specifically for the event, inviting guests to experience all Turkish kitchens have to offer.

Türkiye celebrates Turkish Cuisine Week. The world-renowned center of centuries-spanning delicious flavours will introduce its culinary heritage in the event, held for the first time this year from 21 to 27 May. Planned to be an annual event moving forward, Turkish Cuisine Week will showcase Türkiye’s flavourful dishes with all their original qualities and unique characteristics.
During the Turkish Cuisine Week, Turkish dishes prepared with creative presentations by accomplished Turkish chefs will be offered to visitors all around the world. Delicious menus created specifically for the event will await visitors in restaurants, ready to present flavours reflecting centuries-old knowledge and cultural heritage.

Although known for traditional recipes shaped by deep-rooted Anatolian history, Turkish cuisine stands out today as a world cuisine with the potential to respond to all dining trends. Turkish recipes utilize every element of a product without waste, reflecting an ecologically and fundamentally sustainable tradition of taste. Among Turkish menus offered in award-winning dining establishments, vegetarian and vegan visitors can find countless options as Turkish cuisine is famous for its plant-based dishes cooked with top-quality olive oil.

An Online Gastronomy Guide to Türkiye’s Spectacular Cuisine
Within the scope of the promotional works to present Turkish Cuisine to the world, Türkiye launched turkishcuisineeeek.com, a comprehensive online guide dedicated to the gastronomy tourism center’s culinary heritage.
Designed to offer an introduction to the world of delicious Turkish flavours, the online guide comprises original recipes, cooking videos by award-winning and accomplished chefs, and informative articles by academics and dietitians. Available in Turkish and English, turkishcuisineweek.com will carry a vast cultural and culinary accumulation to the present day and familiarize a wide range of audiences with everything Turkish cuisine has to offer.

Celebrating Türkiye’s Heritage: “Turkish Cuisine with Timeless Recipes”

Promising an unforgettable gastronomic experience at the breakfast table, on a bustling street, and in a tavern or upscale restaurant, Turkish cuisine proffers a richness that leaves a mark not only on the past and tradition but also on the future. Celebrating this abundance and variety with “Turkish Cuisine Week”, taking place from May 21 to 27, Türkiye’s culinary accomplishments are recorded in the book, “Turkish Cuisine with Timeless Recipes”. Drawing attention to the healthy storage and cooking techniques of Turkish cuisine, this special book presents the waste-free, ecological, and sustainable aspects of Turkish cuisine with the elements that make it exceptional. 

UNESCO-Registered Flavour Centres

Possessing one of the most deep-rooted cuisines in the world with its unique flavours, Türkiye also makes a name for itself with its cities listed in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The cities of Gaziantep, Hatay, and Afyonkarahisar were included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy in 2015, 2017, and 2019, respectively. The localized richness of these cities, as well as others in Türkiye, is a source of fascination, with the unity of millennia of civilizations, different cultures and lifestyles reflected in the cuisines.

Türkiye: A Global Destination for a Delicious Adventure

Built on the foundations of thousands of years of cultures and civilizations, Türkiye is one of the best global destinations for a very special and very delicious adventure.
The Turkish breakfast, featuring numerous dishes accompanied by fragrant Turkish tea served in tulip-shaped glasses, is a staple of Turkish dining and is justifiably famous worldwide while a wide array of delicious street foods ranging from simit, fish sandwiches (balık ekmek), stuffed mussels to döner, kumpir (baked potatoes), and kokoreç are an important part of daily life.
Olive oil plays a vital role in Turkish culinary tradition as most vegetables in Turkish kitchens are cooked with olive oil – thus preserving their nutritional value. The eggplant, a trademark of Turkish cuisine which entered Ottoman cuisine in the sixteenth century, makes an appearance in many of the country’s recipes, including appetizers cooked with olive oil, main dishes, and hearty stews.

Türkiye is also home to an established winemaking tradition, borne from its fertile lands.

An important centre of organic wine production in Türkiye, Urla offers its visitors organic award-winning wines made from grapes that have a six-thousand-year-old history of cultivation.

Standing out among Türkiye’s gastro-cities, İstanbul is a true culinary centre hosting the finest examples of world cuisine. İstanbul has recently been named as the 38th international destination of the world-leading restaurant rating organization, Michelin. The reputable compendium will reveal its special selection of the gastrocity on October 11, 2022, bringing İstanbul’s award-winning establishments to the worldwide gastronomy scene.