Covid-19 Additional Hotel Stay Coverage

What Benefits Does It include & What Is The Premium?

Under the policy, in the event that the insured person has to stay in a hotel for medical surveillance for an extended duration due to COVID-19 diagnosis, the daily maximum amount of indemnity, as specified in the table below, is compensated according to the package chosen. The maximum indemnity period covered by the policy is 15 days, and the total amount is limited to the amount equal to the daily maximum amount of indemnity multiplied by fifteen days. The insurance policy indemnifies the party, and daily covered amounts are paid to the insurance holder under the policy.

How long does the insurance coverage last?

Though the coverage is effective all along the period of indemnity, the policy must start upon entry to Turkish customs as determined by your passport records and it shall expire after your exit from Turkish borders as determined by your passport records notwithstanding expiry of the policy period.
The insurance coverage expires after the tour, yet if the tour is finished and that the decision for surveillance is taken before the end date of the tour, the maximum period of indemnity is compensated. So, if it is decided that the person should be kept under surveillance for 7 days in a 7-day trip, 15 days of indemnity is paid.

Plans Coverage Limit Premium
Pack No 1: 100 € / day (Maximum 15 DAYS; 1.500 €) 10 €
Pack No 2: 150 € / day (Maximum 15 DAYS; 2.250 €) 14 €
Pack No 3: 250 € / day (Maximum 15 DAYS; 3.750 €) 22 €

What are the other terms and conditions?

The packs are available for 0-65 years-old persons who visit Türkiye for touristic purposes. Hotels can opt for the packs for their customers as insurant. The offer covers only the insurance holder, so plans do not cover the full dwelling/family.
The hospital that decides for surveillance shall be a public pandemic hospital.

What are the information and documents required for the policy?

First Name – Surname – Passport No – Age -Stay Start Date – Stay End Date

What are the information and documents required for claims?

Medical reports and quarantine documents for hotel surveillance provided by the pandemic hospital – A copy of your passport – Proof of hotel accommodation – IBAN of the policy holder (any bank fees for EFT/Money Transfers are paid by the policy holder).

What are group/collective insurance options (for hotels and tour operators)?

Hotels and tour operators can purchase group policies as insurant specifying the number of people. The packs cover only the insurance holder, so plans do not cover the full dwelling/family. Person-based group purchases are available. For person-based group purchases, a group policy is arranged, and the insurance company is notified within 24 hours after check-in. Otherwise, the policy becomes null and void. Within the period specified by the insurant, policies are arranged and sent to the insurant collectively following the notification. Indemnities are directly made to the policy holder’s account regardless of the policy type (individual/group). All related premium payments are made in advance. The group policy applies to a minimum of 100 people.