Criteria for Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Facilities

Within the scope of sustainable tourism, in order to promote cycling tourism, “Notification of The Issuance of Bicycle Friendly Accommodation Certificate to Tourism Business Documented Accommodation Facilities” was published in the “Resmi Gazete” and entered into force.

According to this; accommodation facilities will be entitled to receive the document in question if they fulfill the conditions such as;

  • Providing a safe parking space for bicycles
  • Providing bicycle washing and repair area
  • Employing the staff who has the knowledge of cycling routes in the area
  • Providing special nutrition menus for cyclists
  • Providing 24-hours open laundry area for cyclists and basic maintenance/repair equipment

T.C. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) had launched “” website in recent months, for promoting the mountain bike, road bike and e-bike routes from all over Türkiye.

Criteria for Bike Friendly Hotels

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