Advertising and Digital Promotion Activities

Digital impressions in March totalled two billion

The TurkAegean 2, Turkish Riviera, and Cappadocia commercials, along with the İstanbul is the New Cool campaign’s “Shopping in İstanbul is the New Cool”, “Taste in İstanbul is the New Cool”, and “Art in İstanbul is the New Cool” were broadcast on TV in more than 200 countries. In digital media, ten spots were broadcast across more than 200 countries, collecting two billion views.

Events and Organizations

TGA hosted 413 people in March

In 46 events organized across 19 cities in Türkiye, the Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) hosted 413 people from 42 countries, of whom 93 were tour operators and 320 were press members, influencers, or opinion leaders. The highlights of hospitality events and other organizations in March are listed below.

İstanbul hosts new episode of Russian program Let’s Go, Let’s Eat
NTV, one of Russia’s most popular television channels, shot the new episode of Let’s Go, Let’s Eat in Türkiye. Hosted by the TGA, the program team stayed in İstanbul between 1-6 March, shooting in different areas of the Historical Peninsula and Balat, Kadıköy, and Taksim, all of which reflect İstanbul’s varied and unique textures.
European and American influencers experience winter sports in Erzurum
Influential social media names from the USA, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and Ukraine visited Türkiye for the Winter Sports Event at the invitation of TGA. Within the scope of the Erzurum hosting between 6-10 March, a group of 13 guests received information on the various products Erzurum offers in the field of winter tourism. After the briefing, guests went to the slopes to enjoy different winter sports, from skiing to snowboarding and participated in various activities. Influencers shared their experiences within the scope of Türkiye hospitality with followers via their social media accounts.
Famous British travel writer Simon Calder hosted in Muğla
Simon Calder, the travel editor of Britain’s leading newspaper The Independent, visited Türkiye to research and write an article on Muğla. One of England’s most widely read and influential figures in travel, Calder visited many historical and touristic places in Muğla between 7-15 March. He also participated in various activities and experienced the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine.
İstanbul’s fashion and art content introduced to European and American journalists and influencers
TGA hosted Europe’s leading fashion writers and influential social media figures in İstanbul as part of a program themed “İstanbul is the New Cool”. Guests from Belgium, Greece, France, Portugal, and Germany attended the programs between 8-11 March, while press members and influencers from the USA and Canada attended the programs between 21-25 March. At receptions highlighting the fashion, culture, and art aspects of İstanbul, guests benefited from one-on-one meetings with leading fashion designers and designers in the field. They had the opportunity to closely examine collections by these names. Guests also visited many historical and touristic places in İstanbul and enjoyed many İstanbul-specific experiences together, from shopping to fashion and gastronomy.
Bulgarian travel agencies hosted in Tekirdağ
Representatives from prominent Bulgarian travel agencies, who visited Türkiye at the invitation of TGA, were hosted in Tekirdağ between 10-12 March. Within the scope of the program prepared to spotlight the touristic potential of Tekirdağ, the guests visited various natural, historical, and cultural sites of the city and participated in different local activities.
Jacqui Gifford, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure, discovers İstanbul
Jacqui Gifford, the editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure magazine, one of the most important international publications in the travel field and widely followed by both travel lovers and travel agencies, came to Türkiye. Hosted in İstanbul with a program highlighting the modern and historical aspects of the city together, Gifford also had the opportunity to experience İstanbul’s gastronomic richness.
European influencers experience different routes and aspects of Kayseri
TGA invited influential social media figures in Europe to experience a hospitality program introducing the cultural and gastronomic values of Kayseri and the winter tourism and sports opportunities offered in Erciyes. Influencers from England, Portugal, France, Serbia, and Italy participated in the program, which took place between 13-17 March, and visited the historical and cultural sites of Kayseri. In Erciyes, guests enjoyed winter sports and other activities. The influencers also savoured a gastronomic journey through Anatolian cuisine. The group members shared photos and videos from their Türkiye trip on their social media accounts and included their followers in their experiences in.

İstanbul hosts tour operators from the USA, Canada and Portugal
In cooperation with Turkish Airlines (THY), the TGA hosted tour operators invited to Türkiye from the USA and Canada between 13-17 March in İstanbul as part of a special hospitality program. Within the scope of the same cooperation, Portugal’s leading tour operators and journalists visited Türkiye between 26-28 March. Within the scope of the programs, guests in both groups visited many of İstanbul’s historical and touristic sites. They enjoyed experiences offered by the city in different areas such as culture and arts, gastronomy, and shopping.

South Korean journalists and influencers admire Cappadocia
The TGA invited South Korea’s influential social media names and press members to Türkiye within the scope of the ‘The Land of Fairytales’ campaign. The guests, hosted between 13-18 March with a program covering Nevşehir and İstanbul, toured the natural, historical, and cultural areas of Nevşehir, Cappadocia, and its surroundings. Also experiencing local gastronomy with the delicious food of the region, the journalists and influencers visited İstanbul’s important historical and touristic sites as well during their travels in Türkiye. Influencers, who have significant numbers of followers on social media, shared content on the places they visited and their local experiences via their social media accounts.

Famous marathon photographer Ian Corless in İzmir for the Ephesus Ultra Marathon
Ian Corless, a well-known photographer of ultra-marathon and trail runs and followed by a significant audience on social media, was hosted in İzmir as a guest of the TGA. The British photographer was invited to İzmir to raise international awareness of the Ephesus Ultra Marathon, which takes place in the ancient city of Ephesus and on the paths of Ephesus Selçuk, included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Corless followed the Ephesus Ultra Marathon within the scope of the hospitality program and conveyed his experience of Türkiye via digital channels to his followers, featuring the written and visual content he produced.

Fashion and shopping experience of Russian journalists in İstanbul
TGA hosted Russia’s leading fashion and shopping writers in İstanbul between 20-23 March with the theme of ‘Shopping in İstanbul is the New Cool’. Within the scope of the hospitality program created specifically for them, the journalists visited different venues showing the historical and modern face of İstanbul. They enjoyed various experiences unique to İstanbul, primarily shopping, and fashion.

American travel consultants discover Türkiye
The leading travel consultants of the USA visited Türkiye at the invitation of TGA between 20-26 March. Within the scope of the program, the 14-person group was hosted in the cities of İstanbul, Nevşehir and Muğla, all of which are among Türkiye’s leading tourism centers. The guests visited many historical touristic, natural and cultural places in the three cities and experienced many famous tastes of Turkish cuisine.

Malaysian celebrity chef’s culinary adventure in Türkiye
World-renowned Malaysian chef and TV programmer Chef Wan came to Türkiye for the filming of his program between 20-27 March at the invitation of the TGA. During the filming of the program in İstanbul and Bursa, Chef Wan discovered many of the touristic, historical and cultural sites in both cities. He sampled the street flavors and local dishes of İstanbul and Bursa. Chef Wan, who also acquired information on Turkish cuisine during the shooting, took a record for his program.

Followers show great interest in the İstanbul and Nevşehir days of European influencers
Leading social media figures from England, Portugal, Ukraine and Denmark were hosted in Türkiye by TGA between 22 -26 March. The 10-influencer group recorded every moment of their experiences in İstanbul and Nevşehir across different fields from history to nature and from culture to Turkish cuisine, sharing their content with followers via their social media accounts.

Cappadocia hosts Spanish journalists in Fairy Chimneys
Writers from Spain’s leading newspapers were hosted in Cappadocia by TGA between 25-28 March. During the hospitality within the scope of the program, the guests enjoyed many different experiences specific to the history, nature, culture and gastronomy of the region. They were informed in detail about all the points they visited.

Route Hospitality

Malaysian and Indonesian influencers tour Anatolian mosques on the ‘Faith and Culture Route’

TGA invited prominent influencers from Malaysia and Indonesia to Türkiye within the scope of the Faith and Culture Route-themed hospitality. Between 14-19 March, the guest group visited the Hagia Sophia Mosque in İstanbul, the Ulu Mosque in Bursa, and the Konya Mevlana Museum, as well as the Eskişehir Sivrihisar Mosque, on the UNESCO Provisional List, on the route created with the theme of faith and culture.

The Eastern Express embarks with foreign influencers and journalists

Hosted in Türkiye between 16-21 March at the invitation of TGA, American, British, Spanish, Polish and Brazilian influencers and press members toured various cities on the Eastern Express route. The 22-person group, who journeyed to the easternmost part of Anatolia via the touristic Orient Express, offering a different travel alternative, visited many important historical and cultural sites in Ankara, Erzincan, Erzurum and Kars, cities that are among the stops on the Express, and enjoyed many different local experiences.

European journalists discover the route to the ancient cities of the Aegean

Visiting Türkiye at the invitation of TGA, a group of 10 press members from Germany, Poland, Serbia, Romania and Moldova travelled the ancient history of the Aegean on the Aegean Ancient Cities Route. The guests, who visited the ancient city of Ephesus in İzmir, the ancient city of Sardes in Manisa, the ancient city of Blaundus in Uşak and the ancient city of Aizonai in Kütahya, also received detailed information about those regions.

TurkAegean Cultural Route hosts Russian journalists

Hosted by TGA on the TurkAegean Cultural Route between 27-31 March, Russian journalists visited many natural, historical and touristic sites in İzmir, Aydın and Muğla. In addition to the ancient city of Ephesus and the Church of the Virgin Mary in İzmir, the guest group visited Şirince and Caferli Village, the Temple of Apollo and Miletus Museum in Aydın, and Bodrum Castle and the Underwater Archaeology Museum in Bodrum.

International Fairs and Events

Türkiye attracts great attention from visitors at its ITB Berlin stand

ITB Berlin, one of the world’s largest tourism fairs, was held in Berlin, Germany’s capital, between 7-9 March this year. Organized under the coordination of TGA and the Berlin Culture and Promotion Consultancy, the Fair featured a Turkish stand with 41 sector representatives. During the Fair, Türkiye’s tourism values on nature, history, culture-art, sports and gastronomy were introduced in the stand area. As well, one-on-one meetings were held with many professionals.

Türkiye at the inaugural ITTF Warsaw Fair

ITTF Warsaw, the tourism and travel fair entering the trade fair calendars in Poland this year, was held in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, between 16-18 March. Organized under the coordination of TGA and the Warsaw Culture and Promotion Consultancy, the Turkish stand included eight sector representatives along with Turkish Airlines as sub-participants. Numerous visitors and professionals visited the promotion area to obtain information about Türkiye, which has a prominent place in the Polish market and received detailed information from the authorities regarding Türkiye’s tourism products.

Russian tourism professionals learn about every aspect of Türkiye at the MITT Moscow Fair

At the MITT Moscow Fair held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, between 16-18 March, Turkish Airlines and seven sector representatives took part as sub-participants in the stand organized under the coordination of Türkiye, TGA and the Moscow Culture and Promotion Consultancy. During the Fair, which hosted tens of thousands of visitors and tourism professionals, participants came together at the Turkish stand and exchanged information.

Professionals of the destination wedding industry gather at the EWPC Conference

The Exotic Wedding Planning Conference (EWPC), among the most important events of the destination wedding sector, took place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) between 1-3 March with the participation of the sector’s leading wedding organizers. During the event, at which detailed information was provided on Türkiye’s expertise in destination weddings and the privileged services it offers, one-on-one meetings were also held with participants.

European Sports Writers Association in İstanbul for the Board Meeting

The European Sports Writers Association held its Board Meeting on 9-10 March in İstanbul. TGA hosted press members in Türkiye for the meeting and conducted a presentation for them. Members of the press from Malta, Hungary, Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ukraine and Georgia visited İstanbul’s historical, cultural and touristic sites through the program prepared for them. In the presentation made after the Board meeting, information about Turkish sports tourism and Türkiye’s important sports tourism destinations was provided to the members of the press.

MICE industry professionals come together at SMU International

The SMU International event, attended by the leading names in the North American MICE sector, was held in New York between 13-15 March this year. At this important three-day event, in which TGA participated, attendees were given detailed information regarding the privileges and potential offered by Türkiye in this field via one-on-one meetings and networking activities.

Türkiye’s golf destinations introduced at AGTC 2023

The Asia Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC) 2023, organized by the Global Golf Tourism Organization (IAGTO) in Miyazaki, Japan, between March 12-14, brought together the global golf market again this year. One-on-one meetings were held with leading representatives from the Asian golf market at AGCT to promote Türkiye’s golf destinations in new target markets and to develop sustainable collaborations. In the interviews, participants were provided with detailed information about Türkiye’s advantages as a golf destination.

Important names of cycling hosted in Marmaris for the Boostcamp Bike Holiday event

TGA hosted influential opinion leaders and important cyclists of bicycle tourism invited to Türkiye for the Boostcamp Bike Holiday event. During the event, held in Marmaris between 29 March and 2 April, Fat Pigeon, with a significant social media following, filmed the Muğla bicycle routes and produced content promoting destinations for bicycle tourism. Cyclists who participated in the event also had the opportunity to experience the privileges of Türkiye’s bicycle-friendly accommodation facilities.

Türkiye’s place in cruise tourism explained to Seatrade Cruise Global 2023 participants

The Seatrade Cruise Global exhibition, the global meeting point of world cruise tourism for 35 years, was held in Florida, USA, between 27-31 March this year. During the four-day fair, which hosted more than 10,000 visitors and 500 participants, information on Türkiye’s place in cruise tourism and the opportunities the country offers in this field was shared with participants. The fair also included discussions with cruise line officials for the 2024-2025 voyages and new lines.

Türkiye Named “Favourite Destination” for Luxury Weddings

The RSVP Conference, the meeting platform of the world’s leading luxury wedding organizers, was held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, between 28-30 March. Approximately 250 participants from 30 countries participated in the conference, and an award ceremony was held for the first time this year. At the RSVP Global Awards, which consist of 20 different categories, Türkiye was deemed worthy of the Favourite Destination award in the “Destination” category for which it was nominated. At the ceremony, it was announced that, due to Türkiye’s compliance with the criteria of the preferred destination for the world’s leading elite events, the next spring edition of the conference will take place in İstanbul from 2-5 April 2024.

Provinces and Destination Promotion Activities

A total of 352 meetings held to date

Within the scope of the Provincial Promotion and Development Program, which aims to promote the provinces and sub-destinations more effectively in the national and international arena, Tokat, Eskişehir, Artvin, Ardahan, and Ağrı held third board meetings. Bartın and Zonguldak held their fourth meeting, while Mardin, Kocaeli and Muğla held their sixth board meeting. Sakarya and Nevşehir held their eighth and ninth board meetings, respectively. Within the Provincial Promotion and Development Program’s scope, a total of 352 meetings took place, including March 2023